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Micro  Academy  is a non-profit organization  which operates in the municipality of Ilida and beyond.

Micro  Academy  aims to organize and support activities and events for the enhancement and promotion  of culture, art, new technology, research and science, sports, the natural environment and generally components of modern society.

Micro  Academy may take initiatives and organize events for all ages such as festivals (thematic or not), competitions, tournaments, forums, conferences, workshops and seminars and undertake studies, publications, productions of all kinds of arts .

Particular emphasis is given to programs, activities and events related to the preservation and revival of  customs and local traditions, i.e. the special and diverse characteristics of the cultural heritage that can benefit strengthen the identity of the place and  exploit targeted activities to increase traffic and tourism with respect to the history and the environment.

The ultimate goal of Micro  Academy is a different treatment of everyday life, which will focus on the development of personality and the liberation of the creative powers of man through cooperation, solidarity, self-determination and mutual support.

So far, Micro  Academy has implemented or continued actions: “Open Labs”, “Documentary Nights”, “Big creators of art”, “The Internet and I”, “Small educational paths”, “Summer Nights of New Greek Cinema”, “European Music Day” etc. details of which can be found on the official website: